Creating Spaces for Unlimited Futures
World Futures Studies Federation
XXV World Conference
50th Anniversary Celebration
25-27 October, 2023
Paris, France

Welcome to the website of the World Futures Studies Federation's XXV Conference, celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

Complex systems are predictable – until they are not! At a time of pan- and perma-crises… war-ridden continents, pandemic, climate change… that do not stand alone, but are intertwined and in complex relation with each other, feeding upon the disruption they engender individually and jointly, the fateful tipping point may indeed seem nigh. Whether the tipping point is before or behind us, we are certainly in a liminal state – a state of flux, in between worlds. Liminality is a state of emergence and becoming. A state of possibilities and of transformations, as well as a state of radical uncertainty and not knowing. A state in which how we respond to the problem – as individuals, organisations, even society – may in fact be part of the problem! A state in which the tried and true may transform into the tired and treacherous. A state that requires new questions, new perspectives, new futures to explore.
The conference has two full days of presentations, networking and workshops at the École des Ponts Business School in Paris on the 25-27th October, and pre-conference side-events and activities on the 23-24th October. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Federation, we are organising activities that reflect the past 50 years, and discuss the next 50 years. We choose liminality as an organising concept for the conference to reflect on the liminalities we are experiencing today. As futurists, we are dealing with change, transformation and uncertainty, and as transitioning into new stages, we are often confronted with liminal spaces that exists between pasts and futures. We have a wide range of tools to explore future opportunities and prepare the present to transform into preferable futures. Our community of futurists is committed to practice futures studies and foresight in all areas of life, and always stay inclusive and open to all members of society. Our members are practicing futures studies and foresight in all levels of industry, government, NGOs, and also, make sure that education of all levels is also includes futures and futures thinking. The aim of this conference is to bring together scholars, researchers, and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines to explore the concept of liminality and its implications for our understanding of human experience, identity, and culture. Through a series of presentations, workshops, and discussions, we hope to generate new insights, spark innovative ideas, and build a community of scholars and practitioners who are committed to exploring and practicing futures.