Details about the venue

Not just in Paris, but we are proud to say that the location of the conference is the École des Ponts Business School, in the center of Paris, France (6 Pl. du Colonel Bourgoin, 75012 Paris, France). École des Ponts Business School finds its roots in a 270-year history of illustrious researchers and inventors. More details.

We will be using 5 rooms, the main hall called Inspired which holds 150 attendees, Cowork, Imagine 2 and Imagine 3 hosting 20 attendees, and the Lab up to 75. Despite its long history, the university is now housed in a modern building, with a business oriented feel. The main hall is fully equipped with tech including for the streaming of the sessions on 25th and 26th October 2023 as part of the Online Program. The other rooms have a projector, screens and a HDMI connection. We are still ion the process of arranging a central computer for each room, but as you will have been advised by your Session Chairs, please send in your presentation to your Chair in advance and bring your own computer for back up. If you are using a MAC, we suggest you bring your own connectors.

There will be some tech support for the sessions and our volunteers will be on hand to help resolve any issues arising in this regard. Navigation to and between rooms will be well signed and colour-coded. Presenters should ensure they arrive well in advance so as to facilitate smooth and short changeovers between sessions.

Refreshments and snacks will be available during the coffee breaks on 25th and 26th October. Also lunch will be served on those days.



Imagine 2 and Imagine 3