The futures of agency
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25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 14:00-16:00, cowork

Characteristics and Cultural Implications of Futures Literacy of Chinese Teachers: A qualitative analysis based on the Futures Literacy Laboratories

Futures are crucial in education theory, policy, and practice, requiring reflection on their emergence and role (Facer, 2021; Li, 2021). Teachers' futures literacy is vital for schooling, enabling a future perspective (Miller, 2018) and generating life consciousness (Ye, 2014). The Futures Literacy Laboratories(FLLs)is a tool to equip individuals, communities, and institutions to reflect, question, and explore alternatives (Bu, 2022). This study used FLLs to investigate futures literacy among Chinese basic education teachers. 120 teachers in Shanghai and Chengdu participated, exploring views on futures of learning, factors influencing judgement, and characteristics of professional imagination. This study found that: (1) the most of Chinese teachers hold positive and unchangeable views on futures of learning; (2) National policies, experts, and science & fiction films influence their views on futures of learning; (3) Shanghai teachers' imagination is technology and policy-driven, more industrial compared to Chengdu; (4) Economic development doesn't determine teachers' imagination, but future literacy does. Improving future literacy and cultivating futures literacy are crucial for Chinese schools (Yu & Bu, 2022).

PhD student
Department of Education of East China Normal University
Institute of Basic Education Reform and Development,East China Normal University
The Faculty of Education, East China Normal University