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Future Rhythms

This paper takes it cue from the masked corridors of progressive culture and life in the underbelly of invisible studios and illegal laboratories embracing transdisciplinary sciences and culture wars, while pursuing the unthinkable.
It follows on from Future Frequencies (Woodgate with Pethrick, 2004), which unveiled the power of progressive culture and reframed a significant number of transformative futures while creating futures techniques such as “Think like a DJ”, “Remixing the imagination”, and “Rhizomatic thinking”, and Future Flow (Woodgate, 2012) which delivered futures techniques such as “Experience beaming”, the “Unreality Studio” and “Imagine in the abstract” while detailing imaginary futures resulting from the potential hybridization of transdisciplinary sciences (nano-bio-neuro-robo-quanto).
Future Rhythms shifts the emphasis as it centers on progressive culture’s quest to explode our current articulations of concepts such as objects and artefacts, values, archetypes, identity, anchors, aesthetics and humanness.
In doing so, it studies how clandestine research and experimentation in the shadows of DIY science and progressive culture influence the future of topics as diverse as the hybridization of species, cyborgware, and transgenic bodies for surveillance and espionage to the search for levitation, and teleportation by future tribes and mutant superpowers.
From a futurist perspective, the research highlights radical weak signals reflecting fresh formats and currencies of knowledge, new realms of avantgarde futures studies’ methodologies and techniques and critical start points for revolutionary decentralized thinking approaches, which epitomize creative futures and sensemaking, namely, working with unstructured knowledge in unknown worlds, to create new paradigms.

President and Chief Futurist
The Futures Lab, Inc