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26 October 2023 (Thursday), 11:15-13:00, cowork

Hindsight to Foresight: an Analysis of Future Events in EJFR in 10 Years

The world is changing increasingly faster, bringing uncertainty and complexity to many processes. This acceleration leads to the rise of demand for studies regarding the future. Futures studies have been used in organizations to support decision-making. This work analyzes all papers published in one of the most relevant journals about the Future, the European Journal of Futures Research (EJFR), until the end of 2022. The EJFR is among the main contributors to fostering dialogue among scholars, practitioners, and policymakers interested in anticipating and shaping the future. We used the software we designed to semi-automate the roadmapping process, streamlining the process of recovering future events written on the papers. We classified each of the over 200 future events into one of the five simple scenarios described. Then, we analyzed the accuracy of over 50 events that were supposed to occur until 2022. Therefore, we expect to provide insights, understand better how future events occur in real life, and write an unusual and novel visualization of the journal’s history. The methodology used in this study is novel and applicable to other studies to reduce the time and risk of errors when developing large-scale roadmaps. This work will provide valuable information for decision-makers in organizations and governments. The results can impact the Futures Research scientific community, improving further research and bringing societal impacts used to perform in the future better-informed decision-making.

D.Sc. Student
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro