The futures of agency
Exploring the liminal spaces between action and responsibility
25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 11:00-13:00, imagine3

Introducing the Framework for Alternative Futures

This presentation will introduce the Framework for Alternative Futures. It was inspired and influenced by existing frameworks (Voros’ Generic Foresight Process Framework, Houston’s Framework Foresight, and the Horizons Foresight Method), combined with lived experiences from managing commissioned futures research projects and facilitating foresight initiatives at the Stellenbosch Business School Institute for Futures Research. The development of the framework further responds to the recent calls for measurable outcomes and the assessment of Futures Studies work. The framework was designed to incorporate the continuous measuring of impact and influence.
Eight principles guided the development of this framework: It had to be simple to follow, clearly independent from, yet connected to an organisation’s strategy process, include multiple rounds of scoping, produce responsibly researched futures studies outputs, incorporate project management principles, be applicable to different kinds of projects and integrate the use of multiple thinking tools, comprise of a phase where outputs are shared and action inspired, and be designed to incorporate assessment opportunities throughout all the phases of the process.
The session will consist of three parts:
- Sharing the academic grounding and the influences and inspirations that lead to the development of the framework.
- A detailed explanation of the framework (Phases, potential tools to use per phase).
- An example of a Futures Studies project that applied the framework (with a few lessons learned along the way).

Director Institute for Futures Research
Stellenbosch Business School
Senior lecturer: Futures Studies
Stellenbosch Business School