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25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 11:00-13:00, cowork

Narratives from the Future of TRUTH 2040

My paper explores possible futures for TRUTH (discrimination and misinformation) in 2040.
The pandemic has exacerbated a number of major social problems, the online environment is becoming an even more fertile ground for misinformation, manipulation, ideological bubbles and the spread of conspiracy theories, with people's desire to seek certainties and ideologies that can give them a sense of control in a VUCA world. Young people are an extremely vulnerable group, they might not have the necessary tools to navigate this complex reality, risking to become victims of misinformation and extremism. At the same time, they are excellent vectors of change among their peers and families.
TRUTH futures:
In my visually engaging keynote, I will reveal the outcomes of a foresight project commissioned by two Romanian NGOs. We explored potential 2040 TRUTH futures, with a focus on discrimination and misinformation.
Scenarios (&Artifacts):
By employing Dator's framework, we have constructed 4 distinct scenarios. Our scenarios draw upon signals of change, emerging trends, and relevant uncertainties within the domains of disinformation and discrimination. Furthermore, we have envisioned a set of artifacts, i.e. the evolution of the interactions between two young individuals, Mihaela and Ovi, both global citizens grappling with the impending challenges surrounding truth.
Action-driven futures:
Through our exploration of possibilities involving disinformation, influencers, ideological bubbles, manipulation, conspiracy theories, stereotypes, and the crucial issues of diversity and human rights, our objective is to empower young individuals and those collaborating with them by providing concrete strategies to shape a future that is desirable and truthful. In addition, the project extends its efforts to develop a comprehensive toolkit centered around the 5 dimensions of future consciousness, as proposed by the Turku model, specifically applied to the concept of TRUTH.

Founder & Strategic Foresight Consultant
Future Station