The futures of agency
Exploring the liminal spaces between action and responsibility
26 October 2023 (Thursday), 14:00-15:20, imagine3

New Paradigms and NextGen Leadership in Navigating the Future

The next two decades will make or break the modern human experiment in the age of climate, ecological breakdown, and its socio- economic implications. A new kind of interdisciplinary science and leadership is required to navigate unprecedented global challenges. What is required is the creation of new roadmaps, through forecasting scenarios and trajectories, that allow the recalibration of the past and present and align it with a new leadership paradigm that is responsive to tackling such challenges. The role of Futures & Foresight is key in this recalibration. There is a need to shift how we think, live, learn, lead, collaborate, do business, and design our organizations. This includes a shift from the traditional paradigms that are predominantly linear, reductionistic, compartmentalized, and highly concentrated on specialization. Complexity Sciences have been dealing with the tension between these shifts, which is equally valid for leadership innovation in navigating emergence in times of planetary emergency. Leadership is one of the oldest fields of occupation across a long historical tradition that has evolved over thousands of years. The current leadership paradigms need to be more responsive due to the emerging new reality and work towards more inclusive and sustainable paradigms. I conducted a Ph.D. study in which I explored whether the next generation of leaders among the Millennial Generation (in 117 countries) could be the potential carriers of the characteristics of new paradigms to drive 21st century leadership innovation forward. I addressed what the implications are for the future of education and work in this exploration.

Synergized Earth Network (SEN)
Millennial Leadership Lab (MLL)