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Panel Discussion: Perspectives on a liminal world order

The clock on the Western-centric world order began ticking post-Cold War, marking the dawn of a potentially new era. As we transition from multipolarity to regio-globalism, coupled with shifting innovation paradigms, established structures are challenged, and traditional power dynamics are shift. This introduces a phase of liminality in global relations, evoking questions about the emergent world order and what future world orders look like from the vantage point of different global perspectives.
We suggest hosting a panel discussion engaging 4-5 international speakers to delve into these shifting dynamics and explore the concept of liminality in global relations. These speakers will represent diverse regions such as Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Turkic region, and South America, ensuring a multifaceted dialogue. Upon approval of the panel, we will engage member of the WFSF with an invitation to participate in the panel.
Our organization, Themis Foresight, brings relevant experience from a research project focusing on this topic, resulting in two significant contributions: 'The European Economy in a New World Order' foresight report, and 'At the cusp of a new era: Scenarios for European Business in 2045', a compilation of five potential scenarios. Both resources cater to European business leaders, offering analysis from a uniquely European viewpoint. This panel will therefore provide a platform for sharing and engaging various international perspectives on the evolving world order.
The panel will be co-facilitated by Jan Berger and Siv Helen Hesjedal from Themis Foresight.

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