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25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 14:00-16:00, cowork

Preferred Future School as the Incubator of Enhancing Urban Well-Being Life Theory, Method and Practice

In China, cooperation and solidarity among community, school and family confront unprecedented challenge. In last three decades, China experienced dramatic changes, including family structure, school scales and governmental institute. All these changes reshaped the relationship between school and family, and the way of how child should be educated, for instance the raising of ‘tiger parents’ (Amy Chua,2011) and the ‘reduction study burden’ (MOE, 2000) in school field. Such ‘strict’ requirement from family side versus the quality-oriented education advocated by educational institute caused intensive tenses. To resolve this tough issue, different approaches have been adopted, for instance, establishment of parent-committee, regular teacher-parent meeting, however, little has been achieved. Our project argued that to alleviate the tense, we need to construct a systematic and ecological approach, in which community plays an important role. We proposed the idea of bridging the continuity of children’s ‘life circle’ where they born, grow-up, and thereafter commit to in center.
We recruited 22 participants (6 teachers, 6 school administrators, 6 parents, 2 civil servants) represent different educational stakeholders to join our project. By designing workshops which enable the participants to achieve mutual understanding, and hence take collective responsibility, as well as participant observation we attempting to solve the issues of: 1. How do participants understand the current relationship of school, family and community? How they position their own role? 2. What are the participants’ visions about school in 2050? 3. How the stakeholders achieve a common preferred future?

Associate Professor
Institute of International and Comparative Education,East China Normal University, China