The futures of humanity
Exploring the liminal spaces between sustainability, equity and planetary justice
26 October 2023 (Thursday), 11:15-13:00, imagine2

The Anthropocene’s Antidote: Local Governments as the Architects of Post-Anthropocentric Urban Landscapes

In a provocative critique of Anthropocentrism, this presentation envisions a future where local governments reorient urban planning towards Post-Anthropocentric models. Drawing upon local government futures, it dissects how the transition from anthropocentric to post-anthropocentric urban landscapes can be the antidote to the Anthropocene epoch. By presenting both pioneering and speculative examples of cities that have begun this transformation, the speech asserts that the roots of global ecological change can be embedded in local jurisdictions. It questions the traditional anthropocentric assumptions in urban planning and promotes a future where local governments prioritize planetary health and non-human life forms in their urban design.

Execeutive Vice President of Strategic Foresight
SGR (Strategic Government Resources)