For our 50th anniversary, we are very happy to return to Paris where it all began! And we are grateful to the École des Ponts Business School to host us in the heart of Paris.

The location of the conference is the École des Ponts Business School, in the center of Paris, France (6 Pl. du Colonel Bourgoin, 75012 Paris, France). École des Ponts Business School finds its roots in a 270-year history of illustrious researchers and inventors. École des Ponts ParisTech, our mother institution, was the first civil engineering school in the world and is celebrated for having produced inventors such as Louis Vicat, the creator of “Grey Gold” (cement), and Philippe Lebon, the first person to use artificial gas as a means of large-scale illumination successfully. Like our mother school, our business school is committed to fostering an environment where ideas can be explored, challenged, shared, and applied.

Through its UNESCO Chair for the Future of Finance, École des Ponts Business School is also part of the Global Futures Literacy Network, bringing together academic and government institutions, as well as business and NGOs, to explore the origins and role of the images of the future and how they impact the present. Named by UNESCO as the essential capability for the 21st century, Futures Literacy is the capability to diversify futures and use those futures to expand our spectrum of choices in the present.