Newsletter #1

Please see our first conference newsletter as an attachment. WFSF XXV Conference Paris – NEWSLETTER 1

Updates on current events

In the wake of the situation in the Middle East, France has again been struck by a terrorist attack and remains under threat of further attacks. In this context, the government has officially raised the security level to its highest level: “urgence attentat”. This means that security measures have been reinforced with the deployment of […]

International MSc AND PhD Futures Studies Conference

International Master and Ph.D. students Futures Studies Conference at SKEMA, chaired by Dr Christophe BISSON. Registry ends on 19th October. More info and registration

Spotlight: Kwamou Eva Feukeu

Ready for a super dynamic and enthralling experience? Who better to MC this years’ WFSF Global Futures Conference than anticipation specialist and complexity researcher, Kwamou Eva Feukeu. Invested as a fellow at Max Planck Institute for Comparative Private International Law (Germany) for their decolonial comparative law, Kwamou has worked with UNESCO on building futures literacy […]

Details about the venue

Not just in Paris, but we are proud to say that the location of the conference is the École des Ponts Business School, in the center of Paris, France (6 Pl. du Colonel Bourgoin, 75012 Paris, France). École des Ponts Business School finds its roots in a 270-year history of illustrious researchers and inventors. More […]

Social Events

We are sure that most of you will make your own fun in Paris, with colleagues and old friends and new acquaintances, but we thought a recap on the official happenings and a few other tips maybe helpful. So let’s go official first. You know, the ones where the reception is free. Tuesday 24th from […]

Online program

The main question we have been getting over the last couple of weeks, other than about bedbugs is on the Online Program. Is it really going to happen and if so where can I find it. Well, as always, your questions are answered, yes there is one and here is the link on the Website. […]

Photography and video at the conference

During the inaugural session of the WFSF XXV conference, an official photographer will be introduced to ensure that all attendees are aware of their presence and have the option to decline being included in photographic records if they choose to do so. This approach underscores our commitment to respecting the preferences and privacy of all […]