The futures of futures studies
Pushing the boundaries of futures thinking
26 October 2023 (Thursday), 02:30-03:00, ONLINE

Entrepreneurship and Foresight: construction of Future Business Scenarios

The proposal encompasses a vision of integration between the disciplines of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Foresight as an alternative for the realization of futures. In other words, a conceptual proposal that in a practical way helps entrepreneurs and/or academics from both disciplines in the development of desirable future scenarios. The proposal is aligned towards two areas in particular: “Entrepreneurial Education” (proposing a pedagogical model that contribute to the entrepreneurship process and particular validations with the practical application of the technique(s) of prospective) and “Imagination for futures” (explore new desirable scenarios that lead to business foresight). In entrepreneurship, we start by identifying needs in a specific market (Arar, Han et al. 2010). Possible ideas or opportunities requires validation through the support of different techniques under a continuous process of experimentation that allows reducing the risk prior to launching a business. In general terms, the entrepreneurship process would lead to the creation of a particular product or service, aimed at a client/user with a specific characteristic profile, and within a particular market in the problem-product-market fit stage. Until we can create and clarity a respective future business model. In particular, Strategic Foresight is an important complement in the entrepreneurship process, which strengthens the creation and practical imagination of future scenarios on business proposals, reducing risk and validating the long-term vision in a structured way. It is proposed four specific stages to carry on between the integration of entrepreneurship and foresight: Diagnosis, Strategic Variables, Future Scenarios, Future Actions. That is, interconnected for the creation of future business opportunities.

Leader Met Conecta Futures Center
Met Conecta
International Relations and Entrepreneurship Professor
Tec de Monterrey

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