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25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 07:00-07:30, ONLINE

Experience Design applied to Participatory Futures Research: the main benefits on creating memorable experiences to participants

The present work aims to analyse how the Experience Design approach can enhance the benefits created by Participatory Futures Researches developed under companies and institutions. Public and private organisations in the world apply Futures Studies in their decision making processes. When the participatory approach is employed they have the opportunity to open a dialogue channel with their stakeholders and the society in general, promoting social participation. The design and implementation of this type of methodology encompass a range of decisions and proceedings relating to the participants, as selection, communication, management, training and feedback. The Experience Design considers that the relationship of a label, organisation, product or service with a customer or user are made of different contact points. These contact points impact the way people intend to relate, buy, attend and return to the interaction with these actors and objects. Considering this approach, in Futures Research applying participatory methods, it is possible to identify contact points in the relationship the team responsible for the research builds with the participants. The journey proposed to the selected people can impact their engagement, trust, understanding and feedback about the participation experience and the organisation developing or demanding the research project. Applying the Experience Design to Participatory Futures Research is an opportunity to enhance benefits related to the relationship an organisation has with their stakeholders and the society, impacting in their reputation, clients engagement, organisational culture dissemination and other topics responsible for their longevity and acceptability.

Visiting Research Associate
King's College London
Researcher and PhD candidate
Brazilian Naval War College

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