The futures of futures studies
Pushing the boundaries of futures thinking
27 October 2023 (Friday), -, ONLINE


This paper presents practical experience in data collection by applying the Delphy method. The researcher carried out as a requirement to obtain an academic degree, of Master in Strategic Foresight in 2014. The theme of the work is the possible futures of the sustainable development of the agro-industrial sugar cane sector in Veracruz by 2030. When the Delphy Method is applied, it is advisable to diversify the profiles of the interviewed experts as much as possible, and they present differences in the use of the same language. These differences arise due to diverse personal conditions, such as profession, schooling, region, priorities and/or values. It is a challenge for the researcher to manage these variations to ensure effective communication, understanding, and clarity of the questions for the recipient. Here the experience is described.