The futures of futures studies
Pushing the boundaries of futures thinking
27 October 2023 (Friday), 23:30-00:00, ONLINE

Exploring Antifutures: Negative speculations that constrain situated imagination

In Latin America and the Caribbean, it is common that when we talk about the future, we mention “how far behind we are” with aspirational discourses in comparison to industrialized nations and other centers of knowledge. In this article, I present the concept of antifuture to define it as a negative space of possibility, with a local temporality captured by dependent, exogenous, colonized, and out-of-place ideas through the analysis of future traces on cultural artifacts. The notion of antifuture can be situated through the myth of El Dorado, describing it as a non-place, a space of non-belonging that faces a complex characterization that appears in the negative spaces of the possible futures. The notion of antifutures contributes to understanding and deconstructing exogenous futuristic discourses in Latin America. It provokes the challenge of devising own futures, situated and local, that are produced from the localities that will live them.

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