The futures of becoming(s)
Exploring the liminal spaces between consciousness and spirituality
25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 22:00-22:30, ONLINE

Self 3.0

Ever since it glanced at itself in the mirror, the Self has been uneasy. This paper explores new modes of “selving” (self-making) enabled by media consumption and media creation through generative technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to reshape social identification and self-creation, providing novel avenues for identity formation. This paper details how AI systems offer new transformative approaches to identity development by lowering the bar to creativity and further pushing individuals into the role of creators. AI’s capacity to generate adaptive environments and personalized content can enable individuals to construct unique self-concepts and social identities. Further, AI’s ability to support virtual platforms will accelerate identity creation, which will have large societal repercussions. According to philosopher Frederic Jameson, up until the “end” of Modernism, the Self was enjoying its own presence, reveling in its unicity. In “Postmodernism and Consumer Society” he describes the “Death of the Subject”, the shift from the bourgeois cult of individualism into a world of grey bureaucracies and homogeneous American life. But a new AI-augmented Self is fast approaching. What happens when the Subject returns?

Adjunct Professor, Design and Media Theory
NYU IDM / Parsons School of Design

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