The futures of futures studies
Pushing the boundaries of futures thinking
25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 04:30-05:30, ONLINE

Without Words: Sensing the Future

How can we express futures without relying on words? In the global discussion of how language might be dominating our senses, we have questioned the impact of heavy words on our ability to envision and perceive alternative futures. Our aim is to discover expanding methods for sensing and experiencing the future, bringing a fresh perspective to the field of foresight and futures literacy.

Our workshop draws inspiration from experiential futures, sign language, a female gaze, and sensorial digital assets, creating an immersive and interactive space where participants can explore futures free from the constraints of traditional language. By shifting our focus from verbal communication to embodying futures, we open ourselves to a wider range of senses, allowing for a more complete understanding of potential futures.

During the one-hour workshop, participants will embark on radical experiences that challenge conventional thinking and expand their sensory horizons. We will encourage them to see, feel, hear, maybe even smell and taste futures, uncovering the wealth of sensory information available to us. Afterward, the facilitators will provide brief introductions, and participants will have the opportunity to share their own experiences and insights. The workshop will conclude with a collective reflection, allowing participants to solidify their learnings and explore practical applications of the alternative language and sensing methods discovered.

By challenging the dominance of words and embracing an embodied approach, our workshop aspires to push the boundaries of how we sense and connect with the future in futures literacy and foresight.

Curator & Facilitator for Experiences with Futures
Technical Editor
Journal of Futures Studies
Board Director
Participatory Futures Global Swarm

Video of the event

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