Online program

The main question we have been getting over the last couple of weeks, other than about bedbugs is on the Online Program. Is it really going to happen and if so where can I find it.

Well, as always, your questions are answered, yes there is one and here is the link on the Website.

[The Program starts at a minute after midnight in the early morning of 25th October and goes through till the end of Friday 28th October 2023. A fine and full program, curated by the tireless Board Member, Alethia (and the support of the programming team).

The program consists of over 100 speakers and 50 sessions (including those being streamed from the Inspire Auditorium in Paris). Themes include exploring anti-futures, to VR for teaching futures studies and young futurists, the future of agriculture, urban development, and new techniques and technologies for practicing future studies.

Speakers are from across the globe, Australia to across Latin America, as well as the USA, and from Korea to Europe and back through Georgia, Saudi Arabia and China.

With a large number of virtual attendees already signed up, we look forward to a marvelous online edition of the WFSF XXV World Conference.