Exploring Liminalities
Creating Spaces for Unlimited Futures


24 October 2023 (Tuesday), 13:30-15:00, cowork
Session Chairs
Student, University of Houston
M.S in Foresight, University of Houston
Strategic Foresight Manager, Strategic Government Resources
Foresight Graduate Student / Speaker-Facilitator, University of Houston
Graduate Student (MSc in Foresight), University of Houston
Session Description

The What:
The future of sex and intimacy explores a world in which shame has been eradicated - specifically shame associated with sex, intimacy, and relationships. This experiential future transports participants to Clear River High School’s Social Emotional Xcellence (S.E.X) curriculum in the year 2052.

The team crafted an experiential scenario set at a Parent’s Open House evening at the school. Participants were invited to preview the completely re-designed high school sex education curriculum, which explored a variety of provocative topics including shameless pleasures, sexual identity, human-to-human and human-to-robot relationships, kinks, and consent.

They had the opportunity to explore and learn to model behaviors grounded in personal integrity and values as it relates to sex and intimacy in order to extend the classroom into the home, creating a fully integrated learning environment.

The Why:
The future of sex is a crucial topic to explore, not only because it is innate and natural for all living beings, but because it holds a unique complexity for humans, often shrouded in embarrassment, shame, and immorality.

The purpose of our project was to leverage the power of experiential futures to explore the sources of shame, by experimenting and learning to embrace sexual mindfulness as a parallel to navigating emotional obstacles in change-making efforts.
This project is a provocation for reflection, to challenge deeply-rooted yet often unexamined beliefs and opinions, and a call for us all to lean into, rather than away from, the edges of our discomfort.

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