Exploring Liminalities
Creating Spaces for Unlimited Futures

Futuribles workshop (Vigie Report)

25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 17:00-18:30, imagine3
Session Chair
Director of Studies, Futuribles
Session Description

What place for algorithms and AI in the functioning of society? How can they be politicized? This workshop will explore the consequences of the foresight hypotheses formulated in the chapter of the Vigie Report Human Beings and Being Human in 2050 devoted to Human-Machine Interactions. Participants will project themselves into four of the Vigie Report's hypotheses linked to algorithmic governance, using a STEEP matrix. They will then translate the political perspectives opened up by these hypotheses into a design fiction exercise augmented by artificial intelligence. The workshop will conclude with a collective discussion of the prospective questions raised by generative AI among the participants.