Exploring Liminalities
Creating Spaces for Unlimited Futures

Games and Foresight: Unlocking Strategic Insight Through Play

27 October 2023 (Friday), 09:00-10:00, imagine2
Keynote speaker
Head of Futures Studies , CENTRO
Session Description

In today's rapidly changing world, anticipating and navigating future challenges is vital for individuals and organizations. Foresight has emerged as a powerful tool for anticipatory decision-making, challenging assumptions, illuminating biases, and highlighting blindspots. And, when coupled with play-based approaches, futures, and foresight can enhance our capability to navigate uncertainty.

Our session, "Games and Foresight: Unlocking Insights By and through Play, " is an interactive journey where the lines between play and foresight blur. We will explore the intersection of gaming and foresight, looking at how immersive play-based experiences can sharpen our strategic thinking, foster creativity, and reveal insights across a range of probable, possible, and even preposterous futures.

During the session, we will utilize hands-on activities to provide participants with practical tools and approaches to incorporate games into their futures and foresight practices, which will be based on the expanding body of research on futures and games, specifically Carse (1986), Sweeney et al. (2019), Cruz & Kahn-ParreƱo (2022), and Paniagua & Cornejo(2020). Participants will discover how games can facilitate collaboration, encourage systemic thinking, and enable players to engage with alternative futures.