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Sustainable Political Futures and Governance: Democracy vs Autocracy, and War vs Peace

25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 11:00-11:30, lab
Session Description

Session focuses on rightwing nationalist, populist, autocratic/strongman challenges to democracy in many countries globally, with Trump as a US example, and why war also takes a focus away from evolving aspects of peace, also essential to sustainable political futures. A few alternative scenarios covered at end.

No political system is perfect, and all political systems undergo dynamic change. Right now, however, there is a global battle between democratic versus autocratic forces occurring not only between countries, but within countries, including democracies. It is argued that democracy is a preferable system—‘IF’ it is functioning properly—since it can then provide more public participation in voting/elections, decision-making and governance, which can help support the rule of law applied equitably to all citizens; protect human rights for all citizens, and support nonviolent social change and Earth sustainability. Also argued is that democracies must undergo ongoing reforms to stay relevant to the challenges faced at any given time, and to extend opportunities to all its citizens.
Topics covered:
Part I: Global Rightwing Nationalist, Populist, Strongman Challenges to Democracy, Human Rights, Nonviolence, and Sustainabiity
• Definitions of Different Types of Political Systems
• Characteristics of a Republic or Representative Democracy Based on the Rule of Law
• Characteristics of Rightwing Strongman Movements using the “Authoritarian Playbook” to Challenge Democracies from Within or Without
• Global Examples of Rightwing Autocratic, Strongman Movements in Many Countries
• Hypotheses on Why This Global Rightwing, Anti-Democratic Trend is Happening Today
• How to Strengthen Democracies Today and Into the Future
• Question if Autocratic Strongmen Become Overly Confident of Their Power, Becoming More Corrupt and Abusing Their Power More Over Time, Planting Seeds of Their Own Destruction?
Part II (if time): Donald Trump: Perfect Example of the Strongman “Authoritarian Playbook” Operating within US Democracy, With Multiple Indictments Active or Pending.