Abdulrahman Alsulaimi

Graduate Student
University of Houston
Faculty Member
Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Abdulrahman Alsulaimi is a faculty member and graduate student from Saudi Arabia with a diverse academic and professional background. Having worked and studied across multiple disciplines, including healthcare, leadership, education, and futures studies, Abdulrahman brings a multidimensional perspective to his work. He is currently completing a Doctor of Education in Leadership for Health Sciences Education at the University of Houston, with a focus on “Leadership Reimagined: Integrating Futures Thinking into Health Sciences Education.” In this endeavor, he employs narrative inquiry and futures methodology to map the health sciences education landscape with the goal of introducing futures literacy to healthcare education leadership. With a keen interest in narratives and leadership, Abdulrahman is dedicated to exploring how futures studies can pave the way for more inclusive and purposeful systems.