Alex Shenderov

Scientific Advisory Board member

Alex Shenderov is an evolving futurist and author of a book, Homo Exploratoris. He is a seasoned technologist, with advanced degrees in both biology and engineering, scientific publications and over two dozen commercialized patents to his name; a serial entrepreneur (that’s how his inventions got commercialized); and an educator. He is based in Maryland, USA.

Alex is an engineer by training, trade, worldview and, some friends say, even nationality. His Master’s degree in Engineering Physics is from a country that is no longer on the map: the USSR. His Ph.D. is in Cell Biology, and it’s from Duke University. So is his teaching experience. He had a rare experience of licensing an invention to a university (rather than licensing one from a University, as it is usually done).

So, Alex’s been around. He treasures the following skills he learned during his life journey:
• Not taking himself too seriously
• Finding people who know more than he does
• Listening to people who know more than he does
• Learning from people with views different from his
• Avoiding pompous thickheads

In his spare time, Alex is a world traveler, avid outdoorsman, community organizer and an aspiring wildlife photographer.