Clarice Garcia

RMIT University

Clarice Garcias is an award-winning researcher and foresight practitioner with a drive to imaginative and collective futures. she specialises in connecting cultural shifts with opportunities for innovation to generate value for brands in times when uncertainty prevails, and a transition to sustainable futures is paramount. Since 2014, Clarice has worked as a trend forecaster for various industry sectors, including fashion, entertainment, design, food and beverage, education, housing, and automobile. Clarice has worked on projects for companies such as Melissa, Nike, Havaianas, Renner, Google, YouTube, Netflix, NestlĂ©, and Ford. As a doctoral researcher at RMIT University in Australia, she investigated the connection between fashion, fiction, design, and material culture to help fashion stakeholders transition old values systems and worldviews toward sustainability. In doing so, she created the Fashion Futuring toolkit – a award-winning speculative design-futuring methodology to spark imagination and provoke a values-driven transformation to inform strategy and action towards sustainable futures.