David Geye

University of Houston

David Geye recently culminated his military career as the Command Chief Warrant Officer and Senior Military Analyst at the National Ground Intelligence Center in Charlottesville, VA. He is currently interning with the Global Trends and Futuring (T&F) team at Ford Motor Company. The T&F team leads discussions in long-term thinking, planning, and strategy across Ford’s worldwide footprint. His responsibilities include identifying global trends, exploring their potential implications, and disseminating futuring insights to organizations throughout the company, including design, product development, and corporate strategy.

David is a strong advocate for the value of probabilistic thinking and keeping score in intelligence – and other forward-looking – assessments. He is a PowerPoint and email oppositionist, knowledge management advocate, Linux user, and cat person who likes to work out-loud.

David is an aspiring Futurist and believes Foresight and Futures Studies to be a logical and exciting growth and progression of the various skills, experiences, and education he has acquired over his military intelligence career. With that in mind, he is currently enrolled in the Foresight MS program at the University of Houston, and he is looking forward to bringing all of that goodness to whatever table he sits at in his next career.