Deborah A. Schreiber

Adjunct Professor and Dissertation Chair
UMassGlobal (A nonprofit affiliate of the University of Massachusetts, USA)

Dr. Deborah Schreiber is Adjunct Professor of Organizational Leadership at UMass Global (a nonprofit affiliate of the University of Massachusetts, USA). She possesses over thirty years of experience as an educational leader and consultant in the field of higher education, organizational leadership, strategic foresight, and futures thinking. Dr. Schreiber divides her time between teaching and advising dissertation research and working as a consultant with executive leaders to develop and strengthen organizational capability for futures thinking. Dr. Schreiber’s latest book – Futures Thinking and Organizational Policy, Volume 2 (Case Studies for Managing Rapid Change in Social Media, Shift in Wealth, and Government Instability) – will be available January 2024 by Palgrave Macmillan.