Dr. Kakha Nadiradze

Association for Farmers Rights Defense, AFRD

Dr. Kakha Nadiradze, President of the Association for Farmers Rights Defense, AFRD holds a Doctoral Degree in Agrobiodiversity Conservation from The Agricultural University of Georgia, as well as a Master’s degree in Agribusiness from ESM Tbilisi Business School. He is a certified practitioner of Biotechnology, GMO Analysis and Detection and Plant and Animals Agrobiodiversity conservation. He received multiple awards from FAO and other International Organizations. Dr. Nadiradze currently serves as a Director of the National Gene Bank Association of Georgia. His current research interests are connected with Bio Banking for the conservation of Agrobiodiversity. Dr. Kakha Nadiradze was elected as a Task Force Member of the Global Genome Biodiversity Network, GGBN.

Dr. Nadiradze has played a pivotal key role in the integration of leading-edge breeding technologies, such as the in vitro, in vivo and on-farm conservation methods. His research outcomes have featured in 157-refereed publications, including articles in high-ranked journals and scientific papers. His research interests include enabling policies and practices for conservation, taxonomy and database of agrobiodiversity, agroecology and food security; the governance and adaptive management of natural resources; participatory action research methodologies; and deliberative democratic processes. Over the last 25 years, he has published extensively in these areas, linking theory and practice to inform policymaking on food, agriculture, the environment, and human well-being. Dr. Nadiradze has provided effective expertise of different local and international projects in Biodiversity Conservation, Ecological Restoration, management and monitoring by providing science-based planning strategies to protect and enhance native species, habitats, and ecosystems at global, regional, and local scales. He has received different Scholarships from ESBB.