Dr. Seren Dalkiran

Synergized Earth Network (SEN)
Millennial Leadership Lab (MLL)

Dr. Seren Dalkiran is versatile futurist, innovator, complexity scientist and an award-winning expert in Millennial leadership, intergenerational cooperation and the future workforce. She builds bridges between theory and practice at the nexus of science and society. Seren conducted her innovative Ph.D. research in 117 countries on the learning and leadership needs and competences required for Millennial leaders to thrive. She initiated a wide range of projects, organizations and networks in leadership and talent development, lifelong learning, intergenerational cooperation and cultural change exploring new paradigms responsive to tackle pressing global challenges.

She is the founder of Synergized Earth Network (SEN), which is a global value-driven network uniting leaders across generations to tackle the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. She is also the founder of the Millennial Leadership Lab (MLL), a data-driven knowledge platform for and around the next generation workforce and consults organizations and companies around young talent management and anticipating the future of work in the 4th industrial revolution. She is an Emerging Fellow at the Association of Professional Futurists (APF), a member of the Dutch Node of the Millennium Project, a member of the Futurist and Complex Systems Advisory Board at the Lifeboat Foundation and is also co-shaping the Futures & Foresight pod at Neol.

Dr. Dalkiran aims to contribute to equipping the next generation of leadership and preparing the (future) workforce by experimenting with new forms of learning, leading, cooperating and designing organizations across generations, disciplines and industries. She is driving 21st century leadership innovation in scientific research and applies it to inform policy and practice. Her aim is to prepare organizations for the future by developing social technology innovations that enhance human societies sustainably forward by preserving the human factor in the digital age.