Eva Tomás Casado


Eva Tomás is a dynamic futurist and foresight practitioner who ignites enthusiasm wherever she goes. Coming from a diverse industry and functional background she found her professional home in the futures field. With an unbridled passion for exploring the futures, Eva’s expertise lies at the intersection of metamodernism and futurism. She firmly believes that futurists play an essential guiding role in the transformation of our world.

Eva’s commitment to her craft goes beyond mere speculation. She employs structured methodologies to provide clarity and profound insights into complex topics, ensuring that her work resonates with both organizations and individuals. For Eva, simplicity does not equate to simplification, and she knows that the distinction between complex and complicated is often blurred. Her approach is refreshingly different; it’s about navigating and guiding the sea of possibilities rather than using a roadmap, creating a unique strategic process that leads to exceptional future-oriented results.

Eva captivates her audience with her thought-provoking ideas and unparalleled expertise. Her talks inspire attendees to anticipate and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. Eva’s innovative approach empowers all stakeholders and fosters the agency needed to move forward.