Georgios Kolliarakis

Advisor Research Strategy, Technology & Security
German Council on Foreign Relations

Dr Georgios Kolliarakis works with the German Council on Foreign Relations on issues of technology and security policy. He has led a number of pilot international projects on the intersection of security research and international security policy. Georgios advises national ministries and international bodies – including the European Commission, the European Defence Agency, the Council of Europe, on issues of emerging security threats, strategic foresight, and the transfer of evidence to policy.

He is a member of the International Network for Government Science Advice, the European Association for the Studies of Science and Technology, and of the DIN Standard Interdisciplinary Working Committee on Artificial Intelligence. He belongs and to the European External Action Service/Foreign Policy Instrument Dual Use & International Security Programme, and to the World Economic Forum Expert Network. From 2023 on he is part of the EU Strategic Foresight Hub at the European External Action Service. After his Engineering studies at the National Technical University of Athens, Georgios earned a master’s degree in Political Geography at the University of Bonn, and a PhD in International Politics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.