Hank Kune

Future Center Alliance
Director, Enriching Opportunities

Hank has over 40 years’ experience as facilitator, workshop & conference moderator, and developer of methodologies for innovation and change. Systemic and open innovation, orchestrating innovation ecosystems, and developing dedicated innovation-enhancing environments for cross-border collaboration are common themes of this work. He has also published extensively on these issues. His work on dedicated innovation-enabling environments – action learning camps, future centers, and living labs – has supported many organizations to achieve ambitious objectives. Hank is co-initiator of the Global Lab for Societal Innovation, which aims to address societal challenges as mission-driven collaborative innovation projects. Positive Cartography is one such project.
Hank lives in the Netherlands, where he is director of Educore BV, and a Founding Partner of the Future Center Alliance. He is a member of the New Club of Paris and the World Futures Studies Federation(WFSF), and one of the Contributing Editors of WFSF’s Human Futures Magazine.