Irina V. Wang

Designer & Writer

Irina V. Wang is a designer and writer practising the creative work of cross-sector translation, the strategic work of systems transition, and the ethical work of forging allyship. She grew up a Taiwanese-Floridian and moved to the UK, where she studied at the University of the Arts London and worked as a graphic designer at Pentagram. Combining a love of typography, language, and environmental philosophy, she began designing alongside linguists and native communities to revitalise endangered languages. Recognising that language/environmental/social justice is one of the demands arising from shared systemic issues, she pursued an Industrial Design master’s at the Rhode Island School of Design to develop transdisciplinary approaches for urgent and ethical systems-shifting.

Situated at the intersection of existential risk and structural injustice, her recent projects have ranged from equitable carbon sequestration to nuclear non-proliferation with collaborators such as the United Nations. As a recent Fulbright researcher in Finland, she worked with scientists combining systems mapping and participatory research to shed light on Sámi reindeer herders’ experiential knowledge of climate change and their hopes for the future.