Jan Berger

Founder & CEO
Themis Foresight

Jan is a professional futurist in the space of corporate foresight. Together with Carina Stöttner he has founded Themis Foresight in 2021 in Berlin, Germany, to anticipate economic, technological, social, environmental, and political drivers of future change. He and his team are driven by the conviction that outstanding futures research is key for the strategic direction of Europe’s business and entrepreneurial elite. Accordingly, he has injected unique quality standards into the DNA of Themis Foresight’s research ethics.

Jan works closely with corporate executives as a sparring partner. To this end, he has developed a deep and broad understanding of various industries and their future potential through years of research and consulting. He has authored and co-authored dozens of futures studies, whitepapers and two books on ethics in Artificial Intelligence and employability criteria.

Recently he has published together with Siv Helen Hesjedal an analysis on the European economy in a new world order and co-authored future scenarios for the European economy. Currently he and his team conduct research on futures of capital markets, intermodal logistics and mobility, and industrial labor.

Jan has studied Modern and Contemporary History and Slavic Studies at Moscow State University and Humboldt University, Berlin. He has lived and worked on four continents, held leadership positions in corporations and startups. His career path has taken him through publishing, real estate, software development, and finance. Before founding Themis Foresight, he was the CEO of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank.