Jorge Lopez Ortiz

Postdoctoral Researcher
Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan

Jorge is a postdoctoral researcher in the architecture graduate program at the Autonomous University of Yucat√°n. Doctor in Urban Planning from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (2021) with the comprehensive hydrometeorological risk prevention model in the city of Veracruz. Awarded Best Doctoral Thesis in Sustainable Urban Development in Latin America and the Caribbean by REDEUSLAC and CEDEUS in Chile 2020-21. He holds a master’s in architectural design with honors at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (2015) with a mitigation design project in coastal wetlands; architect graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidad Veracruzana (2012); Consultant for the LAVEP Green Areas and Public Space Laboratory at UNAM. Candidate for Level 1 of the National System of CONAHCYT Researchers. Professional specialized in urban architectural design, comprehensive risk management and hydrometeorological disasters.

He has appeared on different dissemination and research platforms in countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Bolivia, Chile, Panama, Singapore, Japan and the United States. He has publications on comprehensive design management in international magazines. Architectural urban design consultant, research professor in architecture, interior design and socio-territorial studies, independent illustrator. International speaker and workshop leader in urban planning and industrial design. The line of research focuses on the integral management of the design, with emphasis on the mitigation of hydrometeorological risks in coastal cities. Its approach lies in territorial planning and finding solutions to cities’ challenges due to extreme weather events.