Kim De Vidts, PhD

Structural futures researcher
Open Time Applied Futures Research Center
Lecturer in research methodology
Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences

Kim De Vidts is a structural futures researcher for the Open Time Applied Futures Research Knowledge Center, and docent in research methodology for the Bachelor in Idea & Innovation Management, at the Erasmus University of Applied Sciences in Brussels. Her past Open Times research projects focused on the futures explorations of citizen participation in/for the city of Hasselt in Belgium, and social entrepreneurship for the Sociale InnovatieFabriek in Brussels. Prior experience of teaching political science courses at Hawaii Pacific University invigorated her academic interests in social, educational and political sciences; and her personal interests continue to situate in the sphere of her doctoral dissertation on the Politics of Identity and Nationalism within the European Union – with primarily expertise in the application of UH Manoa Generic Futures methodology after the execution of Horizon Scans.