Kwamou Eva Feukeu

Decolonial Lead
Max Planck Institute for Comparative Private International Law

FEUKEU Kwamou Eva co-runs the Decolonial Comparative Law project at Max Planck Institute for Comparative Private International Law. She is both a legal scholar and an anticipation specialist. She previously worked as the Africa coordinator for Futures Literacy at UNESCO for 4 years. She has also organised her own practice as a head futurist for UN Global Pulse Finland, OECD, IDRC, or the French Development Agency. She is an experienced facilitator and lab designer involved since 2014 in labs run mainly in Africa and Europe for governments, NGOs, CEOs, but also in family settings. She has spoken for World Bank, UN Office for Africa, Stanford University, Parsons, UCL, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Deutsche Bahn-Akademie, the Ministry of Gender of Sierra Leone, etc.

Kwamou has been curating and designing conversational spaces using the future as a context (space), an experience (temporality), and an opportunity to engage in conversations that matter to those who solicit them. The main inquiry behind her legal and futures work has been: ‘how to allow space for the negotiation of meaning to deepen conversations?’ Imagination, futures literacy, and active listening come as a significant piece of the response-to-be.