Lena Tünkers

Curator & Facilitator for Experiences with Futures

Lena Tünkers is a curator and facilitator for transformations and explorations of alternative futures. Driven by a profound passion for the unconventional and the odd, she aims to broaden people’s ability to envision beyond what seems possible and uses the concept of the future to challenge rigid present beliefs.

Equipped with a master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Lena has facilitated diverse projects applying Futures Literacy, Speculative and Experience Design and Innovation methodologies to navigate change. Over the years, she has collaborated with local communities, governmental bodies, academic institutions, and private sectors across Europe, Kenya, Australia, and Mexico. In these partnerships, she has guided people in their discovery and struggles with the unfamiliar and the novel.

Besides, she is the upcoming president of the Foresight Europe Network and a mentor for environmental start-ups of the EIT Community New European Bauhaus.