Luke Tay

Singapore Futures Fellow
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
Cornucopia FutureScapes

Luke leads Cornucopia, a Singapore-based, globally oriented foresight and strategy practice with a focus on food security, sustainability, technology, geopolitics, urban and national development, and cross-stakeholder international collaboration.

Luke’s work addresses emerging opportunities in resilience, ESG, environmental citizenship, countering misinformation, food systems, and the future of strategic agrifood value chains. He has authored chapters on the future of Asian food systems, and on global water futures in two books pending publication in 2023/4.

Before founding Cornucopia, Luke served for two decades in leadership and management roles in the agrifood and transport spheres of the Singapore public service, including foresight and strategic planning, international relations, people development, infrastructure development, operations, and corporate governance portfolios.

Luke is actively involved in civic and community volunteering, as a serving army reserve officer, Town Councilor, and community volunteer. A historian and political scientist, Luke graduated summa cum laude (BA, MA) from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003.