Manuela König

Architect - Exhibition Designer - Project Manager - Curator

Manuela König is interested in taking concepts and theories into reality. As a practicing architect and exhibition designer, she is constantly exploring the intersection and corellation of research, theory, design and implementation. While discovering spatial theory in the context of several theoretical and scientific architectural design projects during her master studies in architecture at the art academy in Stuttgart, she started gaining professional experience working for various architectural offices e.g. 4a Architekten in Stuttgart. After graduating with distinction, she worked in the field of hospitality at MEKADO architects and for several years in exhibition conception and implementation for HG Merz / merz merz Architekten in Berlin, where, in addition to the new conception of permanent and special exhibitions and museums, the focus was on cultural buildings in the context of art and spatial experience. Today she works independently and develops together with clients and collaborators from various disciplines projects in the context of architecture, exhibition design, art and culture – especially in listed buildings.