Mushfiqa Jamaluddin

Graduate Student (MSc in Foresight)
University of Houston

Mushfiqa Monica Jamaluddin is an embodied futurist, facilitator, and leadership coach with extensive experience guiding individuals and organizations through complexity and change. Her clients have called her their trusted advisor, vision-holder, and midwife for their dreams.

With hands-on experience across the globe – from Bhutan to New York, and fluency in Bengali, Spanish, and a touch of Japanese – Mushfiqa brings a rich, multicultural lens to her work. Whether facilitating group processes or engaging in one-on-one coaching, she specializes in harnessing liminality for transformation, enabling clients to proactively shape more equitable and inclusive futures. Mushfiqa’s approach is deeply rooted in empathy, strategic thinking, and a healthy embrace of ambiguity.

Mushfiqa supports clients in clarifying their boldest visions and creating the pathways to bring them to life. At the individual level, she has served social impact entre/intrapreneurs, Fortune 500 senior leaders, PhDs, lawyers, medical doctors, transdisciplinary designers, and creative geniuses. At the organizational level, she has worked with UNDP, the International Atomic Energy Agency, Disney, Summit Series, private equity firms and hedge funds.