Patrick Corsi


First with IBM Research and IBM Office Product Divisions in Silicon Valley, advancing automatic speech recognition systems from 1979, then with IBM France for developing telecommunication systems. Rode the whole way throughout the successful startup COGNITECH in the eighties, then managed the leading advanced studies department within SYSECA SA/THOMSON, both in artificial intelligence in Paris.

A senior officer within the European Commission in Brussels for ten years, monitored a running portfolio of AI projects for European industry and academia, contributed to linking-up with the European venture capital industry. A regular expert for projects reviewing for the European Commission, 1984-1990 and 2001-2013, including frequent workshops animation, moderation, and reporting of technical commissions and groups.

Since 1999, founded 3 international innovation consultancy houses, with clients spanning 17 countries, co-founded CayaK InnoV SAS as an Associate practitioner from Mines ParisTech for designing corporate and institutional innovative futures.
Serial business books writer, publications author in innovation, complexity & sustainability sciences, and strategic marketing, A professional speaker, a World Futures Studies Federation Fellow. Ex-full member of the Club of Rome EU, won distinctive assignments, member of the global THOMSON-CSF Group’s Scientific & Technical College, core member of European Innovation Relay Centres, European startup board member, Marquis 1991 Who’s Who in the World and 1992 in Science and Engineering. Trained and coached new executives through national entrepreneurship programs, Associate university Professor in innovation for 12 years, lectured at over 12 engineering, business and design universities, even since a student.

A SOLVAY Brussels School of Economics & Management alumnus, Ph.D. from Institut National Polytechnique, engineering graduation in computer science from ENSIMAG in Grenoble, Master in applied mathematics from Marseilles.