Séverine Larrouy

Société Française de Prospective
Jash Partenaire

Séverine Larrouy is, above all, passionate…about Life! Curious, inventive, reflexive, mischievous: it’s the intrigue of life that drives her.

Expert in Food, Events and Hospitality, she has acquired, through a rich and varied professional career, an in-depth understanding of value chains, interactions between different sectors, and the interrelationships between its stakeholders: their areas of congruence, divergence and where they might be brought together. Her insatiable curiosity constantly pushes her to learn in order to enrich and grow her projects.

For her, diversity and empathy are fundamental values. She firmly believes that building connections between individuals is essential to overcoming prejudice and inequality, and to highlighting those who are left out of the spotlight.

Her commitment focuses on promoting sustainability in the hotel & catering industry, on transforming the events sector into one that respects the environment and people, and on changing the way education is delivered.

She has worked with the Metropole d’Amiens to develop more sustainable tourism, advised the MMV hotel group on alternatives for tomorrow’s Catering and created innovative training courses for Ducasse Education schools. She has also taken part in the organization of events such as ChangeNOW in Paris. Her experience as co-manager of a Paris-based cultural café “Les Miscellanées de M. Jash”, conceived with her husband as a transformative and disruptive place became THE full-scale experimental laboratory for rethinking the transformative role that food catering could play in society.

In the end, every single step and experience has contributed to her openness to the world and to others. Today, with her convictions and experiences strengthened, Séverine, more than ever, continues to create and build connections, to inspire and bring changes. She firmly believes that by working together, respecting and listening to each other, we can build a better world.