Sirkka Heinonen

Professor emerita
Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC), University of Finland

Dr Sirkka Heinonen has been with Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC), University of Turku as professor of Futures Studies since 2007, now Professor Emerita. Previously Chief Research Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland since 1979. A PhD degree from Helsinki University, with 40 years of research and teaching experience in futures studies, esp. technology foresight and innovations, urban and rural futures, sustainable information society, media and journalism, renewable energy and lifestyles. Keynotes at scientific conferences and public events in Finland and abroad in five continents. Led and/or been a main researcher in more than 30 research projects.

She leads FFRC research in two three-year multidisciplinary research projects, funded by the Academy of Finland: RESCUE (Real Estate in Sustainable Urban Environment), and T-Winning Spaces (Winning Spatial Solution for Future of Work, enabling the double twin transitions of green/digital, and physical/virtual transforming our societies by 2035). With a focus on science communication she contributes contents in the form of journal papers, reports, and books across academia and private and public sector. Member of the Club of Rome (2005–), Co-Chair of the Helsinki Node of the Millennium Project (2001–), Guest Professor at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC 2013–), Member of the Academy of Technical Sciences (2014–), and President (2012–2015), Vice-President (2016–) and Honorary Member (2020–) of the Finnish Society for Futures Studies, and a member of the board of editors for six scientific journals.

Member of the Chilean Council of Foresight and Strategy, and in the Philippine Futures Thinking Society. She has developed specific futures methodologies such as Futures Clinique, Creative Foresight Space, Pioneer Analysis, and Hybrid Anticipatory Governance. Director of FFRC Helsinki Office, Korkeavuorenkatu 25 A 2, 00130 Helsinki, Finland,