Steven Lichty

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
REAL Consulting Group
Lecturer and Advisor
Tangaza University College

Dr. Steven Lichty is based in Nairobi, Kenya and is a co-founder and managing partner of REAL Consulting Group, a boutique firm focused on strategic foresight, research, and evaluation. He has nearly 25 years’ experience in various sectors across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, including those in post-conflict, transitional, and fragile environments. Additionally, he has worked with academic and research capacity building with universities in East Africa and has worked with a range of clients including the World Bank, Save the Children, USAID, Freedom House, Tearfund, Mars, Inc., USAID, etc. Steven’s PhD is in African Studies, but he incorporated a multi-disciplinary approach in his studies and included insight from religion, development studies, anthropology, and political theory. He also recently completed an MPhil in Futures Studies from Stellenbosch University. His current research focuses on the nexus of community-led trauma healing, futures consciousness, and the Triple Dividend.