Updates on current events

In the wake of the situation in the Middle East, France has again been struck by a terrorist attack and remains under threat of further attacks. In this context, the government has officially raised the security level to its highest level: “urgence attentat”. This means that security measures have been reinforced with the deployment of police and military forces throughout Paris, specifically around monuments or areas that are considered potential targets. Moreover, all perceived terrorist threats are being taken very seriously, as is illustrated by the decision to close the Louvre and Chateau de Versailles on Saturday upon receiving written threats, although they turned out to be hoaxes (thankfully!).

In spite of the high level of security, however, life in Paris continues more or less as usual. Schools are still open. People go to work. Tourists and Parisians still fill the streets. And public events have not been banned, cancelled or postponed.

As an additional measure of reassurance, the conference will take place in an area of Paris that is not considered a potential target. Furthermore, the building itself is secured and not accessible to the general public.

In this context, we believe there is no reason to cancel the conference and hope to welcome you here next week, as planned. All travellers have to take account for more security measures on airports and similar.