The futures of futures studies
Pushing the boundaries of futures thinking

Fabulations Fluxus and Flow A workshop on embodied ways of unknowingness in a timeless temporality

This 90-minute collective fabulation workshop begins by reimagining Three Horizons models through Fluxus-inspired, generative and collaborative activities that assert ways of knowing, futuring, and anticipating otherwise that portend the end of time. We invoke and explore the indeterminacy of moments before they congeal into labels, language, and categories.
How can we shift from a sequential chain of unfolding events to a rhythmic happening? How can we enter the surreal experience of the slipstream where pasts, presents, and futures flow together like a moving body of water? Rather than focus on futuring or on speculation, we turn to fabulation and profane illumination (Benjamin) to explore nonlinear and sensorial-based temporal variants. Fabulation can be understood as artistic practices that invent people and a world to come (Deleuze, Rancière). Artistic practice, by generating myths, images, affects, and percepts that operate beyond the given and contrary to the expected, engages in an ongoing process of becoming. This conjures spaces, relationships, cadences, and resonances that once perceived and experienced, become formative of new worlds. These worlds are not only created in what is typically understood as “the future,” but also, by displacing received or authorized accounts, imagining what might have happened or might have been said or might have been done” (Hartman 2008: 11), new worlds are spawned in the (now unsettled and contested) historical record. Profane illumination, through disorientation and estrangement, dramatizes the familiar and destabilizes ‘the classic categories’ of time, space, and identity that so strongly shape our participation in the world.