The futures of futures studies
Pushing the boundaries of futures thinking
25 October 2023 (Wednesday), 17:00-18:30, imagine2

Fusion Teaching: examining post-pandemic hybridity as an approach to equitable Higher Education futures in a disrupted world

Edinburgh Futures Institute has a unique hybrid ‘Fusion’ teaching model which combines learning in multiple spaces, places and synchronicities through interdisciplinary programmes; enabling online and on campus students to study together as one cohort. Built on the principles of collaborative, multi-disciplinary learning communities, teaching for and in a rapidly changing world, engagement with complex issues and real world problems, and a flexible, project based programme design; EFI offers an exciting portfolio of futures-focused Masters Level and Undergraduate courses.
In this presentation, we share our experiences of the large-scale implementation of this ‘Fusion’ teaching model through the lens of institutional-level change, internationalisation, uncertainty for education futures and disruption in a post-pandemic world. We reflect upon the challenges and successes of our first year of delivery, in particular addressing the complexities of the technical and social intersections we have encountered. Within the themes of technological opportunities and barriers, student and staff responses and attitudes, and overcoming the vision vs reality gap, we suggest adaptations, modifications and opportunities for innovation as we transition from a place of beginning to an established Fusion Teaching practice.

Learning Technologist
Edinburgh Futures Institute